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G60-12A Lead-acid Charger for 12V Pb-Acid/AGM/GEL/VRLA/WET battery

  • Specification
  • Input: 100~240V
  • Output: 13.8V 3.3A
  • Charge Process: Recover銆丆C銆丆V(H)銆丗loating(Four stages)
  • Charger Indicator: With 4 LEDs Battery Meter,20%~100%
  • Output Protections: OVP銆丱CP銆丼horted銆丷eversed
  • Safety Approval: CE cTUVus PSE CCC
  • Size: 127 x 67 x 38mm/270g
  • Industry: Power Tools銆丼ecurity System
G60-12A Lead-acid Charger for 12V Pb-Acid/AGM/GEL/VRLA/WET battery

G60-12A (13.8V 3.3A锛堻/font> Pb-Acid  Battery Charger

Item Specification Remark
Rating input voltage   100~240Vac  50/60Hz  
Input voltage range  90~264Vac   
Rating input current  1.0Arms Input:100V    Output:Full load
Max input power  60W Input:100V    Output:Full load
No load output voltage DC 2.37V Detection of battery voltage > 3V , start charging
Output voltage range DC10.0~14.7V  
Suit with battery type 12V  Pb-Acid  battery  
Charging current  3.3A 卤10%  
Charging voltage  DC14.7V 卤0.3V When the battery is vulcanized, the voltage rises to 18V to repair the battery
Floating charge voltage DC13.2-13.8V 銆€
Charge-end current 鈮|/font>0.6A卤10%  
Timer  >14V,Enter floating charge after 3 hours  
Max output power 48.51W  
Ripple voltage 鈮|/font>147mV Full load
Power LED Red Power on
Charging LED All off No battery
All on  Finished
All flashing Error
Flashing one by one Charging
Shorted   Yes  
Reversed Yes  
Efficiency 鈮?/font>82% Full load @220V
Operate temperature  -10 ~ +40鈩傸/font> 銆€
Operate humidity < +90% Relative humidity
Storage temperature  -40 ~ +70鈩傸/font>  
Storage humidity 0 ~ +95% Relative humidity
Cooling Natural  
Vibration resistance 5MM/50HZ/600S Non-operating condition
Impact resistance 1 meter drop test 3 times Non-operating condition
Weight 270g  
Size 120X67X41MM Casing only
Connector Refer to order  
Max. temperature rise < 40鈩傸/font> on casing  
Safety approval CE/cTUVus/PSE/CCC  
MTBF 30000H  
ESD 8.0KV  
Hi-Pot Insulation i/p to o/p: 3000V (1 min)